Intentions of the Tennessee Reiki Connection   

  • Provide services to our community of members such as group meetings, education, retreats, fellowship and  Reiki shares
  • To provide public information about Reiki in the form of free Reiki seminars and demonstrations of Reiki by Reiki Practitioners who are members of the Tennessee Reiki Connection
  • To create and maintain standards of professionalism, accountability, consistency and safety for our members and the community at large
  • To be an organization that promotes personal growth, and common welfare in a fashion that is simple and democratic

Official site for
The Tennessee Reiki Connection

Our mission Statement: To promote Reiki within
our communities and to be a resource and
support for Reiki Practitioners of all lineages
and schools.

To place your name on this directory please email 
the following information.

Your name:
Your Reiki Level:
what part of Tennessee you live in:
You contact information i.e. email/phone

*Web page:

*If you have a web page and would like
to have it listed, then we ask only that you put
a link the Tennessee Reiki Connection
web site on your web page as well.


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